Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cayucos Dharma Bums

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Adam and Matt mostly through their music but also through food and beer and conversation.

I met Adam first. He works at Jim Ruddell's Smokehouse in Cayucos. 

Earlier this year he asked me to come see his band play at the Old Creek Ale House. That's when I met Matt.

I’ve been going to the ale house nearly every night since even though they no longer play there.

The three-piece band of twenty-something musicians sounded amazing, a unique blend of funk, originals, jam sounds, jazz, and Beatles’ covers. I was smitten with their sound—full, rich and original—and their passion for music.

They’re young, energetic, creative and eager to hit the road. You may know them as the Earthtones, a trio that includes their friend Robby.

Matt and Adam have decided to hit the road in pursuit of a dream to make something happen with their music. They want to travel and meet other musicians around the country, make connections and simply have the chance to share music with others and see what the world brings them.

They are today’s Dharma Bums.

They plan to head out in about two weeks and seek a local venue in which to play one more time before they leave. This will give them a chance to see friends before they go and others a chance to lend their support.

If you know of a place where the Earthtones can play one more gig before they hit the road, let us know.

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