Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Down from the mountain

She comes down
from the mountain state

and enters the tavern
through a flow

of happy salutations

from people she 
doesn’t even know.

She’s plump, juicy, ripe
for something

finds an empty barstool
introduces herself

orders, drinks her beer
warms to her new companion

says she likes to be spanked.

She winks, coaxes, cajoles
works her charms

until finally she says,
Would you like to help

me make a baby? My clock
is ticking. I need a man.

Sure, he says, amused
and warns, I’m quite

a bit older than you. She
sizes him up and says

You’re right. Forget it!
I wouldn’t want to wipe

your ass too. She holds
out her hand, a leveling tool,

lowers it and says, 

That’s how much
you’ve fallen, and moves on.

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