Monday, April 11, 2011

Today's fruit

Our berries have begun their ripening.

The older fruit, as seen in the berry at the top this cluster, may have been bitten by an early spring frost and has already begun to turn mushy (you can see it in the crinkling of the berry's skin). The lower fruits, closer to the camera, seem to be OK, plump and juicy, ready for picking.

I've been worried, as usual, about the plants and their health. The berries, as they ripen, place a tremendous amount of demand on the plants for nutrients.

In the last couple of days I've noticed a turning of the color in the leaves from a vigorous green to depleted-looking purple as more fruit ripens. I'm afraid there's not a large enough reserve of minerals and nutrients to meet the demand.

The 5-gallon grow bags in which the plants live have become as much of a liability as they are a boon now that the plants have matured and gotten larger. We were told that the bags would hold up for at least three years, five if we were lucky.

The plants have been in the bags nearly three years and it's clear that the plants have outgrown them and must now find a new home. After this harvest, we'll need to either put the blueberry plants in the ground or transplant them into larger containers.

Our plants draw all of their nourishment from an infusion of nutrients through the irrigation system and I'm afraid that it may not now be enough.

I was advised to try adding potassium. I hope it's not too late. 

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