Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Make me laugh

Is that Edible SLO  and Hope Dance Online publisher Bob Banner flipping the bird with (or is it at) UC Berkeley Good Food Guru Michael Pollan?

It sure is.

Today’s “Biz Buzz” in the San Luis Obispo County Tribune notes that Banner is teaching a yoga class based on laughter.

Banner, with whom I’ve worked off and on for several years, is a certified instructor from the American School of Laughter and offers laugh sessions throughout the county, the Tribune reports.

“It’s simple, fun and good for you, and anyone can participate,” Banner told Biz Buzz. “Laughing, even when faking it, releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones, bringing positive effects to the mind and body.”

Sessions go for 45 minutes, 30 of which reportedly include “energetic laughing and playfulness exercises, and then concludes with a laughter meditation.”

I probably won’t attend the laughing yoga classes.

I really don’t need to when I can just pick up the winter print edition of Banner’s Edible SLO, and turn to the photo on page 4. The publisher’s “Food For Thought” column shows him with a big smile, flipping the bird, with Professor Pollan, about whom there is no mention, standing at his side.

Perhaps the pair decided to express their anger at Harris Ranch for raising such a stink over unflattering comments Pollan made about its meat operations with a big shit-howdy smile and a hearty old, "Fuck you!"

It appears more of a faux pas than sour grapes. Or, is it? In either case, it’s good for a laugh. Good enough to be included in Banner's yoga class.

Most likely, it’s sloppy editing that permitted the publication of the photo. Banner holds a copy of a previous issue of his magazine in one hand, and two glasses of wine in the other hand, which has its middle finger extended. 

The image suggests what Pollan might have been feeling that night: "Hey assholes! Look who's laughing now!”  

What a great way to start Banner's next yoga class: Hang the picture on the wall, meditate on Harris Ranch, and start laughing. The feel-good hormones will begin flowing, and no one will have to fake it.§


  1. You do realize that Bob's holding that second glass of wine with his middle finger, don't you?

    Now THAT'S talent.

  2. I enjoyed your conde nast comments on media bistro, so I'd like to snoop in on your blog on occassion. I hope you don't mind.

    Rob Toscano

  3. Bob's talents know no end…. That IS talent. I wouldn't even try. He might have put a third glass in his other hand and he'd have two birds flipping.

    I don't mind people snooping in at all. I enjoy good company.

    thanks for the comments.